This skill of early gentle toilet training (Elimination Communication) is a traditional indigenous method of using careful observation of the new born baby’s body language and patterns, then using timing, intuition and sounds with minimal use of cloth or disposable nappies. The advantage of this method is a stronger body connection that leads to a deeper attachment between the caregiver and baby.  Whether it is used part-time or full time, it will deepen the emotional connection. 

The best time to start this method is from birth to four months, the baby learns very fast, is not crawling or rolling over, and urinates often. At about two months the baby wees every ten minutes, hold the baby over a basin and when he or she wees make a sound (often shshshsh). Within a few days the baby associates the sound with this position and then when you lift the baby into this position and make the sound, the baby will wee. 

Babies are raised like this in all sorts of climates including cold climates i.e.  Tibet, Peru, Russia, China, Nepal etc Those of us who are unfamiliar find it hard to remember that the mother will intuitively know very quickly what the signs are that her baby needs to do a poo or wee, and the baby will respond to her cues. 


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